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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has a recorded history of over 2,000 years and is the oldest form of medicine still in use today. Aliona has been treating patients with Chinese herbs for 10 years and has been highly impressed with the results.

It has been continually refined and developed by many doctors and schools of herbal medicine over this time and has been sustained by research into every aspect of its use. This process continues today with the development of modern medical diagnostic techniques and knowledge.

Today’s practitioners have the benefit of this wisdom and empirical research, as well as modern biomedical research.

What can Chinese Herbal Medicine help with?

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) lists the following conditions on their website:


  • Skin disease, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, urticaria

  • Gastro-intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, ulcerative colitis

  • Gynaecological conditions, including pre-menstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, infertility

  • Hepatitis and HIV

  • Chronic fatigue syndromes, whether with a background of viral infection or in other situations

  • Respiratory conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, and chronic coughs, allergic and perennial rhinitis and sinusitis

  • Rheumatological conditions

  • Urinary conditions including chronic cystitis

  • Psychological problems

Aliona discovered her passion for Chinese Medicine over 15 years ago after experiencing its life changing benefits. Her acupuncture and herbal treatments are custom tailored for each patient and blends all her disciplines into a unique rejuvenating holistic and balancing experience.

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