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About the Practice

Greetings and welcome to Organic Me Acupuncture. My practice as a holistic acupuncturist involves not just acupuncture but balancing your life with healthy organic food, exercise, and self-cultivation.

I have overcome many obstacles in my own life to find this balance and I am here to help you discover your own organic self. Along that path, I became a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist and blended it with Iyengar Yoga and healthy nutrition.

Organic Me means always seeking to keep yourself healthy and naturally younger.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality holistic patient-focused health care. By offering the highest level of care, we enable people to live richer lives and reach their highest potential. Through this goal, we continually serve our patients and the community of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond.

  • We listen carefully to treat the whole patient, not just the disease.

  • We provide a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis for everyone we see.

  • We educate extensively, giving ample information about your health concerns and explaining what you can do to prevent health problems in the future.

  • We use an integrative approach – East meets West. In addition to traditional Chinese medical diagnostics we offer a strong knowledge of current Western medical practices.

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